Using the mouse input to show the mouse cursor acts like an Alt+Tab. When clicking the mouse input again to no longer show the cursor, the camera controls stop at the edge of the screen.

Reported in version 4.25.3(CL 13942748). Tested and found in versions 4.25.3 and 4.24.3(CL 11590370).

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open a new ThirdPersonExampleMap.
  2. Open ThirdPersonCharacterBP.
  3. Create a flip flop node going towards nodes that show or unshow the mouse cursor in the character BP.
  4. Connect both a keyboard input and a mouse input to the flip flop.
  5. Play in Viewport, Editor, or Standalone.


1. Once shown, the mouse is no longer stopped by the game’s window.
2. The camera is no longer controlled by the mouse.
3. Once unshown, the mouse cursor disappears but the mouse movement (ie. the camera) act as if the cursor was still inside but this time stops at the borders. So the camera control becomes limited by the “invisible” cursor position and can’t go past the border.

Expected: To act the same way as if a keyboard input was used. 

1. Once shown, the mouse stays inside the game’s window and stops at the border.
2. The camera is still being controlled by the mouse.
3. When the mouse cursor is at the border, you can still turn the camera in the direction even if it is toward where the mouse is stopped. For example, if my mouse cursor is stopped at the left border of the window, by continuing moving my mouse left, the camera will still keep turning left.
4. When I press the keyboard input again, the mouse cursor disappears and everything goes back to its original state.

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Won't Fix
CreatedOct 6, 2020
ResolvedJul 19, 2022
UpdatedJul 19, 2022