This issue was reported by an user. I reproed the issue and created this Jira ticket for the user.

User was trying to to add values to the 'Stimulus' struct coming straight out from 'On Target Perception Updated' event (with more meaningful values, also tried filter out the bool from AISense_Hearing) but doesn't work as I expected.

He chose 'Break AIStimulus', then re-connected that to 'Make AIStimulus, but Get Sense Class for Stimulus didn't return the AISensing class properly.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Repro project can be found [Link Removed]
  • Play in editor
  • Press spacebar and observe the screen debug message

Results: Making Noise was printed but AISense_hearing was not

Expected: AISense_hearing is also printed

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to AnswerHub just mention UE-102987 in the post.

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ComponentGameplay - AI
Affects Versions4.254.26
Target Fix5.0-m5
CreatedNov 11, 2020
UpdatedNov 17, 2020