While you are unable to rename a redirector in the content browser by right clicking it and selecting rename (the option is grayed out) or by pressing the F2 key (no effect), you can actually click on the name of the redirector twice and rename it, which makes a copy of it with the new name.

Steps to Reproduce

Video attached

  1. Create a new project based on the blueprint First person project
  2. Right click on the floor of the level and say "find in content browser" to reveal CubeMesh asset
  3. Drag CubeMesh into another folder in the content browser and select "move here"
  4. Turn on "show redirectors" filter in the content browser
  5. Right click the redirector that is now in the place where CubeMesh used to be
  6. Click on the name of Cube Mesh twice (slowly) to start a rename
  7. Finish the rename, and notice after enabling the "Show redirectors" filter again, there are now two redirectors, one with the old name, and one with the new

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Fix Commit2609362
CreatedApr 10, 2015
ResolvedJul 2, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018