It seems to be a NVIDIA's driver-side issue.  ( Driver version is 511.79. )

The users can avoid the error by canceling the fast VSYNC option and reverting to the default VSYNC setting.
Alternatively, it also works to force software decoding mode by console variable (SW mode needs to apply CL-16992643 and CL-17285309 on 4.26/4.27).

Steps to Reproduce
  1. setup fast VSync option in NVIDIA control panel. (see screenshot below) 
  2. open the project [Link Removed]
  3. start PIE (you can see the movie playback)
  4. press spacebar to restart playback or restart PIE


Electra reports an error in the log and fails to play movie.

LogElectraPlayer: Error: `Buffer2D->Lock2D(&Data, &Pitch)` failed: 0x887A0005 - The GPU device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action.



[Image Removed]

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-144600 in the post.

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ComponentMedia Framework
Affects Versions4.264.27
CreatedMar 3, 2022
UpdatedMar 9, 2022
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