Rider integration and RiderLink plugin was in beta during UE5 Early release and is now in release with UE5 5.0.0 Release.
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Due to the above information, it seems we can not test regression with this.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Have a machine with installed VS2019 or VS2022 compilers (MSVC build tools), IDE other than Visual Studio (eg. Rider) that is confirmed to be working fine and building selected test project. Run editor from within the IDE, like normally. Ensure that it is building.
  2. Open any project
  3. Go to Editor Preferences -> Source Code
  4. Change "Source Code Editor" to IDE other than Visual Studio (eg. Rider)
  5. Go to Project Preferences, search "Compiler"
  6. Change "Compiler version" to VS22
  7. Go to Plugins, search "Visual Studio Integration" and disable the plugin.
  8. Restart the editor
  9. Once restarted, go to c++ classes (enable visibility for c++ classes in content browser if necessary) and try to create a c++ class.
  10. Notice the error notification "No compiler was found. In order to use C++ code you need to install Visual Studio 2019." along with button to download VS2019.
  11. Close the Editor, Recompile from IDE other than VS (eg. Rider), Ensure it's still building project just fine.
  12. Run editor, re-enable the VS integration plugin, and then restart editor again.
  13. Try to create c++ class again. Notice the warning is now gone, and new class can be added.

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ComponentUE - Foundation - Cpp Tools
Affects Versions5.0
Target Fix5.2
CreatedApr 19, 2022
UpdatedAug 29, 2022