Using a Landscape BP brush in a WP map causes SCC validation to fail:

[2022.05.13-09.04.47:880][473]SourceControl: Error: Changelist validation failed!
[2022.05.13-09.04.47:881][473]SourceControl: Error: Encountered 2 errors:
[2022.05.13-09.04.47:881][473]SourceControl: Error: Actor /Game/Map_Temp_wp.Map_Temp_wp:PersistentLevel.Landscape has a missing reference to %s
[2022.05.13-09.04.47:881][473]SourceControl: Error: This changelist contains modifications that aren't valid at the world partition level. Please see source control log and correct the errors.. (WorldPartitionChangelistValidator)


Doing Build > Map Check will provide the same message when ITokenizedMessageErrorHandler::OnInvalidReference (WorldPartitionStreamingGenerationTokenizedMessageErrorHandler.cpp) is called when ReferenceActorDescView is null in FWorldPartitionStreamingGenerator::ValidateActorDescriptorViews (WorldPartitionStreamingGeneration.cpp):

for (ActorReferenceInfo& Info : References)
	FWorldPartitionActorDescView* RefererActorDescView = Info.ActorDesc;
	FWorldPartitionActorDescView* ReferenceActorDescView = Info.ReferenceActorDesc;

	if (ReferenceActorDescView)
		// code...
		if (!NbValidationPasses)
			ErrorHandler->OnInvalidReference(*RefererActorDescView, Info.ReferenceGuid);
		// Do not increment NbErrorsDetected since it won't be fixed and thus will always occur
Steps to Reproduce
  • Connect to source control.
  • Create a new level using "Open World" template.
  • Add a Landscape bp brush.
  • Validate the changelist from the changelist window.
  • Changelist validation will fail due to Landscape having a missing reference.

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ComponentUE - LD & Art - Modeling Tools - Landscape
Affects Versions5.0
Target Fix5.1
CreatedMay 13, 2022
UpdatedJun 15, 2022