As per a bug report from Pixomondo: if there are two static meshes in the scene and one has a rotation, it gets a GPULM bake artifact as if it is intersecting with the unrotated version of itself. See the attached photo for an example.

Please note that Pixomondo is hoping to receive a bug fix patch that will apply to 5.0. Maybe the fix can even go into the public 5.0.3 if it meets the requirements.

This occurs with a single GPU rather than multi GPU.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Download and open this project in either 5.0 or UE5/Main: [Link Removed]
  • Open the map L_RocksRimLights_Lights
  • You will see the two baked objects (picture attached). The one with a slight rotation has the artifacts, as if it's intersecting with an un-rotated version of itself.
  • You can re-bake to verify the problem.

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-157346 in the post.

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ComponentUE - Graphics Features
Affects Versions5.0.2
Target Fix5.1
Fix Commit20793650
CreatedJun 22, 2022
ResolvedAug 22, 2022
UpdatedSep 8, 2022
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