"Hello, we've found a quirk with ABP's pose watch and compatible skeletons. Same setup as above. We have skeleton A as the base and skeleton B as a compatible skeleton. They both share similar hierarchy (although not identical) The ABP has skeleton A by default but will use skeleton B at runtime. Pose watches look correct at preview time. During runtime the pose watches look incorrect. However, setting the PreviewMesh at runtime to skeletonB fixes the problem. I couldn't find a relevant bug in the system but I wasn't sure if it was the intended behavior."

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Add 'SK_Mannequin' as a compatible skeleton to 'UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton'.
  2. Add 'SK_Mannequin' and 'UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton' to a level.
  3. Set both to use 'ABP_Manny' animation blueprint.
  4. Open 'ABP_Manny' and add a pose watch on a node.
  5. Start PIE, set SK_Mannequin as the debug object in Persona, verify pose watch displays correctly.
  6. Set UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton as the debug object


The pose watch in PIE and in the persona viewport match and appear correctly


The pose watches do not match.

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-161450 in the post.

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ComponentUE - Anim - Runtime - Anim Blueprints
Affects Versions5.0
Target Fix5.5
CreatedAug 19, 2022
UpdatedFeb 16, 2024
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