Moving a SmartObject inside of the level shows that the slot debug view is moved along with the SmartObject, but when PIEing the AI react as if it has not been moved/rotated. You must click Rebuild Collection on the SmartObjectCollection actor in the Outliner for the changes to take effect in the level.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a SmartObject and assign it a Slot
  2. Add SmartObject to level
  3. Add AI character with BT that uses FindAndUseSmartObject
  4. PIE
    1. Note that the character runs to the slot
  5. Move the SmartObject to a different part of the level where the agent can still reach it
  6. PIE

Expected Result: AI runs to the new SmartObject location where the slot debug is drawn

Actual Result: AI runs to the original SmartObject location.

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By Design
ComponentUE - AI - SmartObject
Affects Versions5.0
Target Fix5.1
CreatedAug 22, 2022
ResolvedAug 25, 2022
UpdatedAug 30, 2022
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