With the way PLATFORM_XSX, PLATFORM_PS5 etc. are defined, it seems intellisense doesn't know about them, because the .vcxproj only references the Win64 version of Definitions.h, and they are defined to 1 in the platform-specific Definitions.h. They are not added to the list of defined macros.


This effectively breaks intellisense on platform-specific code.

Dec-2023 - Updated for behavior observed in 5.4

Steps to Reproduce

Old: Note that intellisense breaks on a lot of current platform-specific code due to not picking these defines up.


  1. Have Visual Studio configured as IDE
  2. Have the correct SDK for a Platform Extension Platform
  3. GenerateProjectFiles
  4. Open the generated solution file
  5. Set the Build Configuration settings to your Platform & Target
  6. Build your Target in the desired configuration
  7. Browse the files in the solution that should be valid for your configuration

Many intellisense errors

No false positive intellisense errors

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CreatedAug 31, 2022
UpdatedDec 19, 2023
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