When creating a new NiagaraSystem, the DefaultEffectType set in ProjectSettings should be reflected. If another EffectType is already set, it should be respected. The problem here is that when creating a new NiagaraSystem, if you select "New system from a template or behavior example" or "Copy existing system", the EffectType is not reflected and none is set. 

This is because InitializeSystem() is not executed in case "SystemToCopy ! = nullptr" in UNiagaraSystemFactoryNew::FactoryCreateNew. The following is a work-around but porting the DefaultEffectType setting executed in InitializeSystem() to UNiagaraSystemFactoryNew::FactoryCreateNew (needs to be cleaned up due to duplicate). 

Workaround in UE5.3:

		// if the new system doesn't have a thumbnail image, check the thumbnail map of the original asset's upackage
		if(NewSystem->ThumbnailImage == nullptr)
			FString ObjectFullName = SystemToCopy->GetFullName();
			FName ObjectName = FName(ObjectFullName);
			FString PackageFullName;
			ThumbnailTools::QueryPackageFileNameForObject(ObjectFullName, PackageFullName);
			FThumbnailMap ThumbnailMap;
			ThumbnailTools::ConditionallyLoadThumbnailsFromPackage(PackageFullName, {FName(ObjectFullName)}, ThumbnailMap);

			// there should always be a dummy thumbnail in here
				FObjectThumbnail Thumbnail = ThumbnailMap[ObjectName];
				// we only want to copy the thumbnail over if it's not a dummy
				if(Thumbnail.GetImageWidth() != 0 && Thumbnail.GetImageHeight() != 0)
					ThumbnailTools::CacheThumbnail(NewSystem->GetFullName(), &Thumbnail, NewSystem->GetOutermost());

		// modfier start
			const UNiagaraSettings* NiagaraSettings = GetDefault<UNiagaraSettings>();

			UNiagaraEffectType* RequiredEffectType = NiagaraSettings->GetRequiredEffectType();
			if (RequiredEffectType != nullptr)
				UNiagaraEffectType* DefaultEffectType = NiagaraSettings->GetDefaultEffectType();
				if (DefaultEffectType != nullptr)
		// modfier end


Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new NiagaraEffectType
2. Set the asset created to DefaultEffectType in Project Settings
3. Select "Copy existing system", uncheck "Library only" and select "Radial Burst" to create a new Niagara System
4. Check the created SystemProperties

EffectType is none

EffectType is set to the DefaultEffectType set in ProjectSettings.

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ComponentUE - Niagara
Affects Versions5.2
Target Fix5.5
CreatedJul 24, 2023
ResolvedMay 21, 2024
UpdatedMay 21, 2024
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