After triggering a breakpoint in blueprint, variable getter nodes can display the value of a different object than the node's target. For example: if an actor class has a value MyBool and the blueprint graph contains a MyBool getter node with target = OtherActor, it will show the value of self->MyBool rather than OtherActor->MyBool.

Affects getter nodes in general and is confusing to users when dealing with common variables like RelativeLocation.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Make a blueprint BP_MyActor
  • Give it a boolean variable MyBool that is instance editable
  • Give it a BP_MyActor variable OtherActor that is instance editable
  • In the blueprint, print out the value of MyBool and OtherActor->MyBool
  • Drag two BP_MyActor instances into the current map and assign different values of MyBool. Assign one's ref to the other.
  • Trigger a breakpoint. Observe that inspecting OtherActor->MyBool actually shows the value of this->MyBool.

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Blueprint Runtime
Affects Versions5.
CreatedJul 28, 2023
UpdatedFeb 13, 2024