Since FDeprecateSlateVector2D has been implemented in 5.2, the following function calls will always fail. Therefore, the ImageSize is not updated.
This problem does not occur in 5.1.

    void SBrushResourceObjectBox::OnBrushResourceChanged()
            // Update the image size to match that of the incoming new texture.
            // TODO: Should we always do this?  Or should we avoid doing it if there's already some 'set value'
            // problem is we don't have a way to track that right now.
            ImageSizeProperty->SetValue(CachedTextureSize);  // This function call fails

The following code works as a work around :

bool FPropertyHandleVector::Supports( TSharedRef<FPropertyNode> PropertyNode )
	if( StructProp && StructProp->Struct )
		FName StructName = StructProp->Struct->GetFName();

		bSupported = StructName == NAME_Vector ||
#if 1  // workaround
			StructName == NAME_Vector2f ||
			StructName == FName("DeprecateSlateVector2D") ||

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create Widget blueprint
  2. Place Image widget from the Palette window
  3. Select the Image widget and set a texture to Brush property
  4. See ImageSize property in detail pane


     ImageSize property is not set from the specified texture size

Expected Result:

    Update ImageSize from texture size


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ComponentUE - Editor - UI Systems - UMG
Affects Versions5.2
Target Fix5.5
CreatedAug 1, 2023
UpdatedDec 20, 2023
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