If Surround 2D is set as the Non Spatialized Radius Mode, there is no fallback option if the user's output is not a surround format (eg stereo). There is also nothing communicated in the Tool Tip.


Steps to Reproduce

1) Set your computer output to a stereo configuration 
2) In any project, add a Sound (Sound Wave, MetaSound, etc) to a level as an AmbientSound
3) Select Override Attenuation
4) Under Spatialization, make sure Spatialization is Enabled and set the Non Spatialized Radius Mode to Surround 2D
5) PIE

Expected Result:
 Sound is audible

Actual Result:
 Sound is not audible

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ComponentUE - Audio
Affects Versions5.35.4
Target Fix5.5
CreatedDec 12, 2023
UpdatedApr 2, 2024
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