A subtle yellow tint color shift occurs when Lumen is active due to usage of R11G11B10_Float targets, mostly from r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.SpatialFilterProbes where we ping-pong between R11G11B10_Float targets multiple times.


One proposed solution is to allow changing the target formats to R9G9B9E5_SHAREDEXP  which involves RHI support.

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Steps to Reproduce
  1. In a project with Lumen active, create an empty level with a white plane and a skylight
  2. Add a post-process volume and set the Saturation to 5.0
  3. Set r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.SpatialFilterNumPasses 0 
  4. Set r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.SpatialFilterNumPasses 10

The tint of plane remains the same no matter how many spatial filter passes are used

The tint of the plane because more yellow as the number of passes increases, and the default value is 3 which shows that a subtle yellow tint is added to scenes from the filter.

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ComponentUE - Graphics Features - Lumen
Affects Versions5.45.3.2
Target Fix5.5
CreatedApr 29, 2024
UpdatedJun 14, 2024
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