The CVar "r.Shaders.Optimize" cannot be set to false from DefaultEngine.ini in the section "[ShaderCompiler]" as its help text describes.

Also tested on UE5-Main, CL: 34200103


Steps to Reproduce

1. Download the attached test project
2. Set r.Shaders.AllowCompilingThroughWorkers=0 in ConsoleVariables.ini
3. Observe that "r.Shaders.Optimize" is set to 0 in DefaultEngine.ini, under the "[ShaderCompiler]" section. Even though "r.Shaders.Optimize" is marked ECVF_Cheat, its help specifically says it can be set under this section in Engine.ini files.
4. Set a breakpoint on the first line of FShaderSettingHelper::GetBoolForPlatform(...) from ShaderCore.cpp. (Line is: "bool bEnabled = false;")
5. Open the test project in Debug.
6. If the project opens without hitting the breakpoint, run "RecompileShaders all"
7. Continue debugging until "SettingCVar" matches "r.Shaders.Optimize" - one way is to match the help text.
8. Observe that it will skip loading the value from DefaultEngine.ini, because the default value of the CVar is "1".

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CreatedJun 7, 2024
UpdatedJun 24, 2024
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