Adjusting properties of a Blueprint instance's components in the level does not update references to the properties in the BP's Construction Script. Note: this would work in 4.8.3.

Reproduced in 4.9.2 binary and Main (CL ). This is a regression: does NOT occur in 4.8.3.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open any project
2. Create a new Actor Blueprint
3. Add a Cube component
4. In the Construction Script, Cube Component > Get World Scale > Print String
5. Drop the BP in the level
6. In the Details panel, select the Cube Component for the Actor
7. Change the Scale

The Construction Script does not update the value printed to reflect the change to the component in the Details panel

The Print String in the Construction Script updates to match the instance's component details

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ComponentGameplay - Components
Affects Versions4.
CreatedOct 6, 2015
UpdatedNov 10, 2019
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