Enabling Allow Client Side Navigation results in a NavMesh Needs To Be Rebuilt error message on the Client. The Client cannot use the nav mesh.

This is a regression: this did not occur in 4.9.2 (though there appears to be a separate issue with it in 4.9). Reproduced in 4.10.0 binary. Did NOT reproduce in Main (CL# 2785572)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new Top Down template project
2. Project Settings > Navigation System > enable Allow Client Side Navigation
3. PIE with 2 players

On the Client, "NAVMESH NEEDS TO BE REBUILT" appears. The Simple Move To used in the PlayerController does nothing (works in 4.9.2, though with some problems).

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Cannot Reproduce
ComponentUE - AI
Affects Versions4.10
Target Fix4.11
CreatedDec 7, 2015
ResolvedFeb 20, 2016
UpdatedMay 2, 2018
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