Geometry in sublevel created with "Load Level Instance" ignores level transform. Other objects, such as Static meshes are affected by the transform. This issue is not a regression.

Versions tested: This issue occurs in all versions
4.16.3 - CL: 3561208
4.17.2 - CL: 3586342
4.18.P2 - CL: 3660543

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new project ( No template or starter content needed)
  2. Create a new empty location
  3. Add a static mesh to the level > Set the location of the mesh to 0,0,0
  4. add a geometry cube to the level > Set the location of the mesh to 0,0,500
  5. Save The level as SteamLvl
  6. Create a new default level > Open the level blueprint
  7. On the event begin play node add a Load Level Instance node
  8. For the Level name add "StreamLvl"
  9. Split the pins for both Location and Rotation
  10. For the Y value for Location set the value to 2500
  11. Compile and save the level blueprint
  12. PIE
    Result: The static mesh is affected by the transform, but the geometry is not
    Expected result: Both the static mesh and geometry are affected by the transform

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ComponentTools - BSP
Affects Versions4.
CreatedSep 26, 2017
UpdatedFeb 1, 2019