Working: 4.16
Broken: 4.17.1, 4.17.2, 4.18

When cancelling the renaming of any folder or sub-folder in the Content Browser by pressing ESC key twice, folder or sub-folder will not be visible in Content Browser until searched for in the Search Folders bar. If folder contains a sub-folder, both folders will not be visible in the Content Browser. Any content within the folder will also not be visible.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. 1. Open project in 4.17
  2. 2. Click Show Sources Panel in Content Browser Panel
  3. 3. Create or select a folder
  4. 4. Select 'Rename' from the context menu or use F2 key
  5. 5. Press ESC key twice to cancel rename

Result: Folder disappears from the Content Browser, can be made visible by relaunching Content Browser or searching for the folder in the Search Folders bar.

Expected: Renaming is canceled, Folder remains in Content Browser

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Fix Commit3669280
Main Commit3739980
Release Commit3813083
CreatedSep 27, 2017
ResolvedSep 28, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018