Loading a map while in VR PIE hangs on 2nd+ play

Does not occur when Oculus plugin is disabled.

Does not occur in packaged project.

A nonVR PIE will reset this behavior.

Additional info from user: On a later test I realised that I could do a 'vr.bEnableStereo 0' just before loading the map and that would avert the freeze. But as soon as I reversed that command after the load then I got the freeze.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open a project in 4.18, 4.19 or Main
2. Find or create a map to load into after PIE
3. PIE in VR Mode (Actually putting HMD on head optional)
4. Use console command "open yourchosenmap" -> Observe no hang
5. Exit VR PIE, Launch VR PIE a second time
6. Use console command "open yourchosenmap" -> Observe hang

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Affects Versions4.18.34.19
Target Fix4.20
Fix Commit4173640
Main Commit4280116
Release Commit4173640
CreatedFeb 9, 2018
ResolvedJul 18, 2018
UpdatedSep 16, 2019