Animations loop when a sync marker is applied to an animation that is being used in a blendspace even when it is not set to loop in the Animation Blueprint(Blendspace node is not set to loop)

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download attached project
  2. Play in editor and see animation plays only once
  3. Open ThirdPersonRun animation sequence
  4. Add a Sync Marker
  5. Save
  6. PIE and see the animation loops even though Loop in is turned off in the Blendspace

Expected: Animation only plays once when PIE

Results: Animation loops when played in PIE

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-58159 in the post.

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Cannot Reproduce
ComponentOLD - Anim
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.26
CreatedApr 24, 2018
ResolvedAug 11, 2020
UpdatedAug 11, 2020