Doing a line trace on a landscape does not return the correct physical material unless "Generate Overlap Events" was enabled after changing the physical material. If the physical material on the landscape is changed, then "Generate Overlap Events" must be unchecked and checked again to produce the correct result.

Found in CL# 4.19 4033788, 4.20 CL# 4233996, 4.21 CL# 4275031

Maybe be similar to UE-60798

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open attached project
  2. Select the landscape and set its physical material to FirstPM
  3. Simulate in editor
  4. Change the landscape physical material to SecondPM
  5. Simulate in editor again

The line trace will return FirstPM rather than SecondPM.

The line trace should return the proper physical material that is set

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ComponentTools - Landscape
Affects Versions4.194.204.21
Target Fix4.26
CreatedAug 13, 2018
ResolvedJan 13, 2020
UpdatedMar 4, 2020