Collison -> Collision Presets -> Object Type does not immediately update when toggling simulate physics.


Tested in Main CL 4374913

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Drag a Mesh into the World
  2. Stretch Details Panel so that bSimulatePhysics and Collision Presets are visible
  3. Enable 'Simulate Physics' expand Collision Presets
  4. Observe Object type is "WorldStatic"
  5. Deselect and reselect Mesh

Result: Mesh Object Type now refreshes to show 'PhysicsBody' (Similar behaviour when toggling SimulatePhysics off / Transition to WorldDynamic)

Expected: Object type is refreshed while toggling SimulatePhysics (Similar to how Collision Presets toggles between BlockAllDynamic and PhysicsActor)

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Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.22
Fix Commit4833836
Main Commit4837001
Release Commit4862694
CreatedSep 23, 2018
ResolvedJan 29, 2019
UpdatedFeb 12, 2019