Motion tolerance for Spawn Per Unit does not affect the particle system. Even if the vaules are set very high.

Found in 4.18 CL# 3832480, 4.19 CL# 4033788, 4.20 CL# 4369336, 4.21 Preview 2 CL# 4472090, and 4.22 CL# 4491638

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the Editor
  2. Create a new particle system and add a Spawn Per Unit module
  3. Enable motion in the viewport 
  4. Select Spawn module and set the rate to 0
  5. Select Spawn Per Unit module and set the constant to 1
  6. Set Motion Tolerance to 1111

No change to particles spawning

The motion tolerance set to a high value should prevent the spawning of particles 

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ComponentRendering - Cascade
Affects Versions4.
CreatedOct 19, 2018
UpdatedDec 7, 2019