[Link Removed]I think it is because that the "bOnChipSunMask " is false as Distortion activated (MobileShadingRenderer.cpp line 378),  the "UseFetch" is true as the Android device support shader framebuffer fetch  (PostProcessMobile.cpp line 994), the color will be got using FrameBufferFetchES2()(PostProcessMobile.usf line 114), and it will get black color.

I think the "UseFetch" should be checked by "bOnChip" value instead of  "GSupportsShaderFramebufferFetch".


Steps to Reproduce

1.Create a translucent material and give the refraction input a value.

2.Assign the material to a mesh in the scene.

3.Enable DOF with GaussianDOF method.

4.Build a Android apk and launch it in an Android Device.

The screen will be black.

I upload a sample project to reproduce.

 [Link Removed]

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ComponentPlatform - Mobile
Affects Versions4.21e2
Target Fix4.22
Fix Commit4980971
Main Commit4980972
Release Commit4980971
CreatedJan 13, 2019
ResolvedFeb 13, 2019
UpdatedSep 16, 2019