Broken dependency in MediaComposting.uplugin

Sequencer - Feb 6, 2019

MediaComposting starts up ImgMedia regardless if it's disabled ...

Niagara Grid Location Module spawns particles off center

Rendering - Niagara - Feb 5, 2019

the GridLocation module spawns particles off center. ...

Audio tracks in sequencer are not silent when extended past their playback end

Sequencer - Jan 31, 2019

Audio tracks can still make noise if their tracks are extended past the end of their playback. ...

Geometry cache does not update time correctly when rendered in separate process

Sequencer - Jan 30, 2019

It looks like UGeometryCacheComponent::TickAtThisTime is not getting called during FGeometryCacheExecutionToken::Exectute, so the time is note correctly synced between the sequence and the geometry ...

Showing black screen when drawing Distion and DOF on Android

Platform - Mobile - Jan 13, 2019

MyProject12.7z[Image Removed]I think it is because that the "bOnChipSunMask " is false as Distortion activated (MobileShadingRenderer.cpp line 378),  the "UseFetch" is true as the Android device sup ...

PS4 packages containing empty folder structure

Platform - Console - Jan 11, 2019