Developer Notes

Only able to repro this with a VR headset plugged in. Fixed VR headset code to only turn off framerate smoothing while rendering in stereo.


The original bug report is unclear – of course framerate of the game on PC will not match device – but QA has found a bug here.

Seems like the game thread max tick rate is not being enforced in the standalone game.

Original bug report:

The user is reporting the frames per second are being ignored by the "Smooth Frame Rate" settings within the editor.

The frames per second when launching on a Mobile Device versus launching via Mobile Preview differs greatly, and is misleading to the users about their frames they will be seeing when launching their game on the device.

The expected outcome would be to see the same frame rates experienced on the Mobile Device, displayed when launching the Mobile Preview.

I can see how this does not make a lot of sense however; because when using the console command 'Stat FPS' it is showing the frames of the users machine and not the desired platform.

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Make a new blank project.

2 - In level blueprint, branch an "event begin play" with a "console command" filled with "stat fps".

3- Play game, I obtain the following framerates :

Standalone game : 263 fps

Mobile Preview : 988 fps

Launch on Device : between 30-60fps (Normal framerate)

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ComponentUE - Gameplay
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.9
Fix Commit2618735
CreatedDec 29, 2014
ResolvedJul 13, 2015
UpdatedSep 16, 2019