Editing color curves at the emitter level will not propagate to the system level when saving and applying. The curve will look correct int the system stack, but the particle colors will not match.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new fountain emitter
  2. Create a new system with the created emitter
  3. Edit the color curve in the color module of the emitter
  4. Save, compile and apply the changes made in the emitter
  5. Open the system


The system color curve will be updated, but the particles will not match. 


The particle colors may update correctly the first time the change is made, but afterwards will not update correctly.

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ComponentUE - Rendering - Niagara
Affects Versions4.22e0
Target Fix4.24
Fix Commit7233762
Main Commit7233767
Release Commit7233762
CreatedMay 6, 2019
ResolvedJul 8, 2019
UpdatedSep 16, 2019