Spline points are deleted from the Spline component after adding them in Python and then moving them in the scene.

Tested in 4.21.2 (CL - 4753647) 4.22.3 (CL - 7053647), 4.23.0 (CL - 8386587), 4.24 (CL - 8506911)

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download the project from the attached [Link Removed]
  2. Drag the NewBlueprint BP to the scene
  3. While the NewBlueprint Blueprint is selected in the World Outliner, run the following line of code in the Python console
    unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_selected_level_actors()[0].get_component_by_class(unreal.SplineComponent).add_spline_point(unreal.Vector(0), unreal.SplineCoordinateSpace.WORLD)
  1. Move the Blueprint Actor in the scene

Expected: The new spline point is made and persists

Result: The new spline point is removed

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ComponentUE - Editor - Workflow Systems
Affects Versions4.
CreatedSep 6, 2019
ResolvedSep 25, 2019
UpdatedJan 22, 2024