When searching for the "Timespan / float" the Context Sensitive search returns "Timespan * float".

Found in 4.22.3 CL#7053642
Reproduced in 4.23.0 CL#8386587, 4.24.0 Main CL#8671808

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open a new blueprint project.
2. Create a new blueprint and open it's event graph.
3. Create a "Create Timespan" node.
4. Drag off the output and search for "*" and "/"

Results: Both searches return "Timespan * float"

Expected: "*" search returns "Timespan * float" and "/" search returns "Timespan * float"

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Affects Versions4.224.234.24
Target Fix4.24
Fix Commit8676592
Main Commit9318896
Release Commit9552237
CreatedSep 13, 2019
ResolvedSep 13, 2019
UpdatedFeb 27, 2020