Following the steps above will result in the resizing cursor not appearing properly for stand-alone game windows. The resizing cursor will appear to flash very quickly and then go back to the regular mouse pointer. 

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create new blank blueprint project
  2. Go to Project settings and change the following
    1. Uncheck capture mouse on launch
    2. Capture mode to "Capture During Mouse Down"
    3. Lock mode to "Do not lock"
  3. Open level blueprint, create an Event Begin Play node
  4. Connect to Set Show Mouse Cursor (true)
  5. Connect Get Payer Controller node to the target
  6. Launch the game in a stand-alone window
  7. Hover over the edges to prompt the resizing cursor to appear

Results: The resizing cursor will flicker in and out very quickly and then stay on the pointer cursor.

Expected: When entering the resize boundaries of a window, it is expected that the resize mouse cursor should be constantly visible

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Cannot Reproduce
ComponentUE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix5.1
Fix Commit20024280
CreatedSep 18, 2019
ResolvedMay 3, 2022
UpdatedMay 6, 2022