After pressing Start AR, the screen is black. It still renders planes occasionally and when you put a surface really close to the screen, it renders slighting in the black.

This also occurs in //UE4/Main at CL 9440266

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Sync down AREnvProbe
  2. Open the project
  3. Package the project with development configuration
  4. Open the app
  5. Press Start AR

Result: The screen is black besides the Show Debug Menu
Expected Result: The camera renders the environment correctly

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-81660 in the post.

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ComponentUE - Platform - XR
Affects Versions4.24
Target Fix4.25
Fix Commit10760956
Main Commit11123615
CreatedOct 10, 2019
ResolvedJan 20, 2020
UpdatedJan 28, 2020