When load is called user encounters:

[UE4] [2019.11.20-23.42.09:282][575]LogStreaming: Warning: Failed to read file '../../../QAGame/Saved/SaveGames/TestSlot.sav' error.

The integer value does not update correctly and the barrel mesh does not vanish as expected.

This did not occur on iOS.

I am currently checking //UE4/Release-4.23

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open QAGame
  2. Set Package settings to package TM-Gameplay
  3. Enable cloud saving for iOS - [Link Removed]
    • Ensure you have the UEQA_Dev_iCloud_Test_tvOS.mobileprovision imported
    • Set the Bundle Identifier to com.epicgames.EQADevCloud
    • Set Enable Cloud Support  to True
    • Ensure iCloud Save files sync strategy is set to Always
  4. Package for platform
  5. Install to device
  6. Open app on device and let it run for a few moments to increment the counter above the barrel
  7. Run into save and observe the "Saved at integer..." value
  8. Run into reload level
  9. Run into load level

Result: Integer does not load at the saved value and the barrel does not disappear

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Cannot Reproduce
ComponentUE - Platform - Mobile
Affects Versions4.244.27
CreatedNov 20, 2019
ResolvedSep 17, 2021
UpdatedSep 20, 2021