"When translating some geographic data into a .OBJ, and importing into UE4. More than 165 of the meshes work. Some, i am having a hard time with. I've attached an example. AUT-mesh.obj is one of the meshes i am generating. This fails. AUT-mesh-idx663.obj: trimmed to only contain the first 663 vertexes, and imports successfully AUT-mesh-idx664.obj: trimmed but fails to import (the 664 vertex causes causes the import to fail)

I tried importing the failed meshes into blender, and exporting to .OBJ, they will still fail. I tried exporting from blender as .FBX, and the import to UE4 will then work. So i might be able to use ASSIMP to convert all meshes to FBX, and that might solve the problem.... But, i thought you guys would like to see where triangulation (or whatever is needed here) isn't working when importing .OBJ."

Steps to Reproduce

Download attached "Meshes" (Vertices and Edges)

Import meshes, Observe that AUT-mesh and AUT-mesh-idx664.obj fail to import with "Error: No polygon were found on mesh  '' "

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ComponentTools - Import
Affects Versions4.23.14.24
Target Fix4.26
CreatedNov 23, 2019
ResolvedDec 12, 2019
UpdatedSep 8, 2020