The following code causes this behavior.

// NiagaraSystem.cpp
	for (FNiagaraEmitterHandle& EmitterHandle : EmitterHandles)
		if (!EmitterHandle.GetInstance()->AreAllScriptAndSourcesSynchronized())
			bEmitterScriptsAreSynchronized = false;
//			break; // remove it to fix 
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create NiagaraSystem containing 2 or more NiagaraEimitters on UE4.22 or earlier
  2. Move this NiagaraSystem asset to the engine version 4.23 or later
  3. Open NiagaraSystem and look its source emitter on each emitter panel


Only 1st emitter success to convert its source emitter.

[Image Removed]

2nd or later lose source emitter


[Image Removed]



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ComponentRendering - Niagara
Affects Versions4.234.24
Target Fix4.24.3
Fix Commit11553219
Release Commit11553231
CreatedNov 29, 2019
ResolvedFeb 19, 2020
UpdatedFeb 29, 2020