PIE crash due to non-empty ULevel::DestroyedReplicatedStaticActors array

UE - Networking - Feb 17, 2020

It's possible to end up in a state where some entries were saved in ULevel::DestroyedReplicatedStaticActors, which causes a crash when PIE starts up. I'm not sure how entries could end up in this l ...

Steam VR - Wrong Key returned on Action Mapping

UE - Platform - XR - Feb 17, 2020

VR InputAction returns wrong Key. Did not reproduce with Rift Confirmed in 4.26 MAIN @ CL 11451261 ...

Load Stream Level action doesn't trigger out execution pin if the level is invalid

UE - Gameplay - Feb 14, 2020

As a user I would expect the out execution pin of the LoadStreamLevel node to fire even if the level failed to load.  ...

Dynamic skylight doesn't apply to StaticMeshes

UE - Graphics Features - Feb 13, 2020

HLOD proxy generation invalidates other clusters

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - HLOD - Feb 7, 2020

When rebuilding a single HLOD proxy mesh in a world composition level that has many, the other proxy meshes will be marked as unbuilt and removed from the HLOD asset package. ...

Vive Trackpad X and Y always return 0

UE - Platform - XR - Feb 3, 2020

Platform-specific input for pad axis in 4.24 leads to missing value in VIVE. in 4.23.1 this is not reproduced. ...

Linux server builds of 4.24.0 failing due to Text3D plugin's dependencies on FreeType2 and HarfBuzz

UE - Platform - Linux - Jan 31, 2020

The build error is descriptive. FreeType2.Build.cs and HarfBuzz.Build.cs explicitly check if they are being used for a Unix server build and throw exceptions to prevent that. Commenting out those ex ...

World Origin Shifting Rendering Desync On Play

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Composition - Jan 27, 2020

World Memory Leak crash creating new level blueprint after editing sub level blueprint

UE - Gameplay - Jan 27, 2020

Crash occurs when the user adds a sublevel to the current level, edits the sublevel's level blueprint, and then attempts to make a new level. The state which triggers the crash seems to be when the ...