Materials are brighter in 4.24 and 4.25 than they were in 4.23. I created the same basic material in 4.23, 4.24, and 4.25 and the 4.23 iteration was slightly darker.

Found in 4.24.1 CL#10756747
Reproduced in 4.25 Main CL#10868506

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a simple material in 4.23 (my setup is attached).
2. Migrate or recreate the material in 4.24 and 4.25.
3. Compare the materials brightness.

Result: The material in the newer engine versions is brighter.

Expected: The material stays the same brightness between engine versions.

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By Design
Affects Versions4.24.14.25
Target Fix4.25
Fix Commit11065253
Main Commit11205265
CreatedDec 24, 2019
ResolvedJan 20, 2020
UpdatedFeb 3, 2020