Upgrading a project to version 4.24.1 results in a loss of functionality that worked from 4.20 to 4.23.1 without having made any changes.


Test Project: [Link Removed]

Tested: 4.25 CL: 11062379

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download project from attached link
  2. Upgrade the project to engine version 4.24.1
  3. Navigate to the .uproject file and right click > Launch game twice. ( Launch 2 instances of the game) 
  4. In one window, select host and name the session. In the other session, select 'find game' and join the hosts game.

Result: The lobby HUD should appear indicating select character, number of players, etc. However, after upgrading to 4.24, the functionality is lost and no HUD appears (image attached for proper functionality). 

Expected: The HUD and project to function the same as it does in versions 4.20 to 4.23.1 

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Affects Versions4.24.14.25
Target Fix4.25
CreatedJan 22, 2020
ResolvedJan 22, 2020
UpdatedJan 28, 2020
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