Vertex Fogging setting causes skybox material on large skybox mesh to not be rendered.

Confirmation for 4.25 blocked by UE-86577

Steps to Reproduce

4.23 project attached. (Verify in 4.23 then change to 4.24 to see regression)

  1. Create and set GameDefault Map. Add Quest to 'Package for Oculus Mobile devices' array
  2. Disable Mobile HDR
  3. Set "Disable vertex fogging in mobile shaders" to false (restart editor)
  4. Import user-created Skybox mesh (no repro with skysphere)
  5. Create a skybox material. (shading model unlit) (material graph attached)
  6. Place mesh in scene and assign skybox material
  7. Change the build configuration to 'Shipping'
  8. Package for Android ASTC

Result: Skybox texture not visible when running on Quest

This does not repro when deploying with 'Launch on' dropdown

This does not repro when packaging a Development build

This does not repro if you Disable ES3.1 and enable Vulkan

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Affects Versions4.24.2
Target Fix4.26
CreatedFeb 10, 2020
UpdatedMar 2, 2020