When two controllers connected, player2 input is disabled in full screen mode in PIE.

This doesn't appear to be in focus. If seeing the any focusing widget, player1 focused on SViewport, but player2 focused on SWindow and SOverlay. 


Input is disabled in full screen mode only. Reselecting the viewport again allows it to work correctly, but only the first time the problem occurs. It worked correctly in 4.23.


Workaround for UE5.1:

void FLevelViewportLayout::FinishMaximizeTransition()
    // ...
    // Set keyboard focus directly
    // MaximizedViewportEntity->SetKeyboardFocus();
     // ...
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Connect the two controllers with PC.
  2. Open third person template in editor.
  3. Open the level blueprint.
  4. Add CreatePlayer Node and connect to BeginPlay Node.
  5. Run PIE with selected viewport.
  6. Input "F11" key.
  7. Input any key for controller 1 and 2.


The character doesn't move when input from controller 2.

The first controller input is allowed.


Both controllers input is allowed.

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ComponentUE - Editor - UI Systems
Affects Versions4.244.255.1
CreatedJun 29, 2020
UpdatedApr 10, 2023
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