Unable to select Paper2D Actors with Translucent Material in the Viewport in version 4.25.3.

Reported in version 4.25.3(CL 13942748). Tested in versions 4.24.3(CL 11590370) and 4.25.3. Issue does not appear in 4.24.3.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create Paper2D Actor
  2. Create translucent material and apply to Actor 
  3. Make sure checkbox for "Allow Translucent Selection" is checked in Settings
  4. Unable to select translucent Paper2D Actor in Viewport

Result: Regardless of the "Allow Translucent Selection" setting, you cannot select any Paper2D Actor with a translucent material. They have to be selected in the Outliner.

Expected: In earlier versions of 4.25, selecting from the Viewport was possible.

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Fix Commit14458305
Release Commit14458305
CreatedAug 20, 2020
ResolvedOct 9, 2020
UpdatedJul 26, 2021