Filter for key value of TMap variable does not work in editor

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Feb 2, 2024

In the variable filtering of the Blueprint editor, the key value of the TMap variable is not filtered.  ...

Crash when duplicating component with Instanced property initialized with CreateDefaultSubobject

UE - Framework - Feb 2, 2024

An editor crash can be observed when copy-pasting an actor with an actor component with an instanced object property when set to a non-default value. Detailed steps to reproduce are provided below. ...

5.3 crashes when loading a map with an actor that had the class of one of its components changed

UE - Gameplay - Components - Feb 1, 2024

Please the the UDN for more details. The crash happens because the map is dirtied on load, and then later attempted to be unloaded, which fails. The call that dirties the map on load has been intro ...

Crash in WorldPartition when creating cyclic references in LevelInstances

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Level Instances - Feb 1, 2024

Liftoff caused by root motion may leave a Character in walking movement for customized project

UE - Gameplay - Player Movement - Jan 31, 2024

If a Character has active root motion while walking (animation root motion OR a Root Motion Source), and this root motion causes vertical motion that "lifts off", it's possible for the Character to ...

"StaticFindFirstObject: Ambiguous object name" on delegates with timelines in packed level actors

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Level Instances - Jan 31, 2024

WPO is incorrectly generated on materials using Material Attributes as input to Landscape Layer Blend node

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Jan 31, 2024

This comes from this UDN : [Link Removed] It occurs with this setup :  [Image Removed] , where Set Material Attributes expressions act as inputs to the Landscape Layer Blend material expression. ...

Streaming Virtual Texture UDIN V Offsetting

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Jan 31, 2024

UDIN virtual textures appear to have row 0 (U coordinate [0 - 1) swapped to the other side of the texture vertically. ...