Lags in animation when set leader pose component is used

UE - Rendering Architecture - Aug 2, 2023 From licensee: "USkinnedMeshComponents have the option to double-buffer their bo ...

Virtual Heightfield Mesh crash using released Vertex Factory

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jul 25, 2023

When using VirtualHeightfieldMesh we see intermittent crashes in FDepthPassMeshProcessor::TryAddMeshBatch(). This can happen when FVirtualTextureProducerCollection::CallPendingCallbacks() is called ...

Hair visibility override issues

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jul 19, 2023

Lumen Leaking and Reflection Flickering

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jul 18, 2023

Masked material MSAA bug

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jun 30, 2023

This appears to be coming from the ResolveSceneColor pass. ...

Odd Refraction on Close Planes

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jun 7, 2023

We're seeing odd refraction when we have two close planes where the front plane has a translucent shader with a refraction not equal to one. I've included a project with the following setup:Two equa ...

Shader Crash with Nanite in UE::RHICore::ValidateStaticUniformBuffer

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jun 1, 2023

This appears to be a general crash when a SingleLayerWater material is assigned to a Nanite Mesh. ...

GPU crash when using RVT BaseColor/Normal/Roughness format

UE - Rendering Architecture - May 24, 2023

When using an RVT with BaseColor/Normal/Roughness format on DX12 with a GPU that supports Tier2, a GPU crash may be seen. ...

DumpShaderAsm function fails to load compiler DLL and does not output disassemble code

UE - Rendering Architecture - May 24, 2023

This is a path specification problem, so if the correct path is given, the DLL will load correctly.static void DumpShaderAsm(FString& String, const D3D12_SHADER_BYTECODE& Shader) { #if D3D12RHI_US ...