All ELinearConstraintMotion pins in BP reset to "Free" when converting a project to 4.26

UE - Simulation - Physics - Feb 24, 2021

When using any of the Set Linear Limit nodes (X/Y/Z) and converting a project from a previous version of the engine, the nodes get their Constraint Type value reset to Free. I tested this with proje ...

Actor Enable Collision does not affect ISM

UE - Simulation - Physics - Nov 12, 2020

The problem was reported via UE Bug Submission. I was able to repro with their provided test project. ...

Volume EncompassesPoint is broken in Chaos

UE - Simulation - Physics - Oct 26, 2020

While investigating an issue with Cull Distance Volumes, I noticed that AVolume::EncompassesPoint has a broken default implementation when WITH_PHYSX is not defined. If only chaos is enabled it will ...

Kinematic in Physics Asset Overrides Bone Scale of Skeletal Meshes

UE - Simulation - Physics - Oct 7, 2020

In a character's Physics Asset, a bone that is set to Kinematic and its children will have a scale of 1 overriding the Skeletal Mesh's Scale Transform settings. When the root of the body is changed ...

Changing the collision response type of an instanced actor using a public variable in the construction script does not change the response type

UE - Simulation - Physics - Aug 27, 2020

Changing a public variable which is setup in the construction script of an actor to set the actor's collision response type does not change the actor's collision response type. The response type rem ...

Crash when destroying a geometry collection actor

UE - Simulation - Physics - Aug 7, 2020

When an actor with geometry collection is destroyed, the engine doesn't remove elements from array in the ChaosSolver So illegal references occurs. Removing element with following quick fix code ...

Negative scale with non 0 rotation doesn't work.

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jul 28, 2020