MaterialTextureScale calculated incorrectly for materials with WorldPositionOffset

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Apr 16, 2024

When a Material uses WorldPositionOffset, the MaterialTextureScale is calculated incorrectly because FMaterialUtilities::ExportMaterialUVDensities() calls FMeshRenderer::RenderMaterialTexCoordScales ...

World Partition: warnings on editor only actors when running the editor in -server/-game mode

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Apr 16, 2024

The warning for editor-only actors is unnecessary in these modes where they don't exist. ...

Changing preview mesh appears to affect initial transforms of all control rigs in level viewport

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - Apr 16, 2024

It seems that switching the preview mesh in the control rig editor is affecting the initial transforms in the hiearchies of related control rigs in the level viewport.  This seems to be due to the c ...

422 YUV To RGB Conversion produces incorrect result

UE - Virtual Production - IO - Media - Apr 16, 2024

"Auto" option in Media IO is not updated correctly when apply is clicked

UE - Virtual Production - IO - Media - Apr 16, 2024

HLODs with River, Lake, and Ocean not working

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - HLOD - Apr 16, 2024

Opening Sprite assets or Paper Flipbook crashes the engine in 5.3

UE - Gameplay - Paper2D - Apr 16, 2024

Licensee was not able to open any Sprite asset file in 5.3 without it causing a crash. They were able to avoid this by disabling raytracing in the project. ...

[AI] Incorrect collision for USplineMeshComponent

UE - Framework - Apr 15, 2024

The collision for a spline mesh can be calculated incorrectly. The issue appears to be when Alpha is out of range when calculating the slice transforms at splice offsets. ...

CineCameraActor ActorToTrack property cannot be set to a spawnable actor

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Apr 15, 2024

In the repro, the first selection is not spanable, but the ActorToTrack is set correctly at this time. When trying to select a spawnable actor, it cannot set it to ActorToTrack.  When using the eye ...

Opening a Level inside the ReferenceViewer does not Prompt the Save window if the Level is dirty.

UE - Editor - Applied Usability - Apr 15, 2024

If you right click on a level node in the reference viewer and choose edit, it will bypass prompting you to save unsaved changes in your current level, silently discarding all unsaved work. ...