Crash when copying PF_Stencil format from the GPU to the CPU

UE - Rendering Architecture - RHI - Oct 18, 2023

This is a crash related to copying depth-stencil render targets to the CPU. See linked UDN for more info. ...

Volumetric Clouds High Quality Aerial Perspective Issue

UE - Rendering Architecture - Oct 19, 2023

There is a workaround to set r.VolumetricRenderTarget.Mode=1. The lines appear to be coming from the temporal component of the Volumetric Clouds. Each frame, the lines are merged in from the previou ...

Changing Asset Manager settings breaks game feature scan directories

UE - Gameplay - Sep 29, 2022

The asset manager is used to scan directories on disk for different Primary Assets that can then be loaded on demand. Game feature plugins support the ability to add additional scan directories when ...

Editing primary assets breaks the asset manager list of game feature data assets

UE - Gameplay - Oct 6, 2023

When Game Feature Data assets are loaded as part of the Registering step in the game feature state machine used by Lyra and other games, they register themselves by calling AddGameFeatureToAssetMana ...

Control Rig function nodes cannot have their color changed in 5.3

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - Oct 5, 2023

Quixel Bridge opens as a blank window when opening through the UE Main toolbar on Intel Mac

UE - Platform - Apple - Sep 14, 2023

Regression unconfirmed because this is a new feature. This is not a regression for UE. Tested in //UE5/Release-5.3 CL28051148. Update: When attempting to reproduce on Apple Silicon, Bridge opens ...

[AI] Fill Collision Underneath for Navmesh does not work for ISM instances

UE - AI - Navigation - Sep 29, 2023

Although the ISM component allows for enabling the flag for Fill Collision Underneath for Navmesh, it does not add the modifier for this to the navigation data for its instances.  ...

Landscape Layer Masks can't be imported

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Jan 3, 2023

Repro Rate: 3/3 This is a live issue that has been tested to occur in //UE5/Release-5.1 at CL 23058290. This is also confirmed to not be a regression since this issue also occurs in //UE5/Release- ...

GPU Lightmass ignores IES Profiles on Static Lights while building lighting

UE - Graphics Features - Jun 8, 2022

This is a regression tested in //UE4/Release-4.27 CL#18319896 GPU Lightmass ignores IES Profiles on Static Lights while building lighting. Tested with different Global Illumination and Reflection s ...

Ctrl+B doesn't browse to asset when Sequencer is open

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Oct 11, 2023