DOF aliasing on Niagara particles

UE - Rendering - Oct 18, 2021

Compute shader TAADilateVelocity crashes on macOS

UE - Platform - Mac - Oct 14, 2021

Summary A licensee recently integrated the Oceanology 5 plugin from the marketplace and it triggered a crash on macOS/Metal.Platform The licensee is running macOS Bit Sur 11.5.2 on an AMD Radeon Pro ...

Packaging failed after create EditorUtilityBlueprint asset inherited EditorTutorial class

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Oct 14, 2021

Whenever creating the EditorUtilityWidget asset with EditorTutorial as the parent class, the packaging will fail. If the tutorial is not launched the package will succeed. But launched, it will fail ...

RVT output from Landscape Height gets incorrect mip cache loaded

UE - Rendering - Oct 13, 2021

I test it for more information for your reference:It happens only when a Landscape *Height *was output to the RVT, other Landscape's maps like BaseColor are all fine, as well as Height output from o ...

While playing a MediaTrack in the sequencer, the editor will stop for a few seconds when the sequencerPlayer is paused.

Media Framework - Oct 13, 2021

This is also the case when PauseAtEnd is enabled on the sequencer actor and a Pause is applied. After the pause occurs, the log will show the following  LogMediaUtils: Error: Blocking media playba ...

ListView does not update properly when game is paused

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate - Oct 12, 2021

The ListView widget currently depends on the UWorld's timer manager to fire an event indicating new entries have been generated (see UListViewBase::FinishGeneratingEntry). This can become a problem ...

[AI] GameplayDebugger can be enabled by key press when a Slate widget is focused.

UE - AI - Oct 12, 2021

Found by licensee. After debugging, it appears that the Slate input is consuming the KeyDown event which adds the apostrophe, but it passes the KeyUp event back to Player input. The gameplay debugge ...

AO denoiser propagate NaNs

UE - Rendering - Oct 12, 2021

IsDataValid is not called on components inherited via the Simple Construction Script

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Oct 7, 2021

IsDataValid is not called for components inherited via a parent's SCS. I've attached a small repro project. (4.27) ...