When editing a level with many actors (1000+), deleting an actor results in a noticeable hitch: the editor becomes unresponsive for seconds. This hitch becomes longer the more actors are loaded and exceed 10+ seconds on maps with tens of thousands of actors. This impacts productivity on projects which commonly have large worlds with many actors.

Most of that time is spent in 


which is called in


to detect references to the to-be-deleted actor and present a warning popup:

Actor {0} is referenced by the level blueprint and other Actors/Objects. Do you really want to delete it? This will break references. 

Temp workaround

As a temporary workaround, the hitch can be avoided by disabling the warning functionality by opening Editor Preferences and disabling bCheckReferencesOnDelete, or directly in DefaultEditor.ini or Saved/Config/EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini:



However, as the warning for existing reference to the actor is quite useful, it would be better to investigate ways to optimize actor deletion that don't result in a seconds-long editor hitch for large maps while retaining the existing references warning.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Create a level with 10.000+ actors
  • Save the level
  • Delete an actor by select one and pressing Delete
  • Observe that the editor freezes for multiple seconds

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ComponentUE - Foundation - Core
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix5.5
CreatedNov 17, 2023
UpdatedApr 11, 2024
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