Crash when duplicating a skeletalmesh in runtime

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Asset Build - Jun 20, 2022

Load Error with DeferredDependencyLoading

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Jun 19, 2022

If re-define the macro USE_CIRCULAR_DEPENDENCY_LOAD_DEFERRING to 0, the component is editable in detail panel. But I'm sure it's not a good fix. ...

There is odd Cursor Snapping in Ortho Views when objects are translated or rotated using gizmos

UE - Editor - Framework - Jun 17, 2022

Creating spline points requires interaction with the translate gizmo, and as soon as the new point is created when in an orthographic view, the cursor snaps back to the starting gizmo position. Thi ...

Crash on loading level with Landscape by 2 PIE instances

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Jun 16, 2022

Unable to override private Blueprint variables in child classes

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jun 16, 2022

In UE4, "Private" for Blueprint variables was misnamed: its behavior actually meant "Protected". In other words, it can't be read or written to by external objects, but it can be by derived types. A ...

bIgnoreAllPressedKeysUntilRelease only applies to keys in the previous mapping

UE - Gameplay - Input - Jun 16, 2022

This is because the RebuildControlMappings function only checks this flag when you have a mapping that was already added, we should apply this for any new mappings as well.  I'll update the repro s ...

Sprite does not have a UV1 G channel.

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Jun 16, 2022

The R channel of UV1 is not a problem. ...

HandheldAR ARKit camera overlay is not working in an iOS distribution shipping build

UE - Platform - XR - Jun 15, 2022

HandheldAR ARKit camera overlay is not working in an iOS distribution shipping build.  Unclear if it's the shipping build or the for distribution checkbox that is the issue (for distribution forces ...

Ensure occurs if the decal scale is set to a very small value

UE - Rendering - Jun 15, 2022

The variable emitting this ensure (RelativeWorldToDecalMatrix) is not actually used, so this line can be removed. FDeferredDecalPS::SetParameters ... const FLargeWorldRenderPosition AbsoluteOri ...

AI Perception UnregisterSource Sense == nullptr does not affect pending adds

UE - AI - Perception - Jun 15, 2022

UAIPerceptionSystem::UnregisterSource according to its documentation should treat Sense == null as targeting all sources, but the code for removing pending sources does not treat Sense == null as th ...